Case Study YouTube Google Ad Campaign

YouTube Innovation

Toys Shop is one of the biggest online shop for children’s toys in Greece. During Christmas 2017 we wanted to boost its brick and mortar segment a new physical shop in the city center of Thessaloniki. For this purpose we run a Video Campaign and with only 1.681€ we earned 100.000 views in our YouTube Videos with Avg. CPV of 0.02!


Innovation in Video Advertising?


Creating YouTube Campaign AdGroups with different targeting for each and using as Shopaholics and Bargain Hunters for example as target audiences we managed to skyrocket the Views in an extraordinary low Avg. CPV of 0.02€ .  Black Friday was in mind too and in only 7 days prior to Black Friday we run a special YouTube Ad with 3.06K Views.




Technology in Video Advertising?


Connecting adwords with the customers YouTube Channel brought us in front of the whole picture and helped us measure the results and make the right decisions. We kept those adGroups and audiences that gave us the best results and invest more on them. Finally we believe that we created a huge impact to the brands YouTube channel and the brand itself both to the physical location and the eShop.  Targeting with 3 videos, one for the location, one for the Shop and one for Black Friday we succeeded our initial goal.