Case Study ergo-tel

Growing Business Online

Growing Businesses is our middle name. trusted us just before the Capital Controls in Jun 2015. From then on we are only growing and growing and growing. The account at the moment has a monthly ROAS of 800% and we recently celebrated the first 100.000 orders delivered. It started with 9 Conversions / month and Mar 2018 was our peak with 2.054 Conversions, just before the Greek Easter. Any campaign we created gave results in the forms of orders and conversions.


A combination of all the available campaigns was created. We count 55 Campaigns in all Channels with a total of 47.000 Keywords and 5.285 Expanded Text Ads. Search , Dynamic Search, RLSA Search, Dynamic Remarketing, Custom Affinity Audiences in Display, YouTube and Gmail Campaigns that resulted the 21.9% + 7.9% (30%) of the total Ecommerce Volume.

Technology drive success 

Google Ads are at  the core of our business. We have 10 Years of experience and we applied that to . We were from the very first using Expanded Text Ads as a beta account from the Google Beta Program. From the very beginning we applied Goals & eCommerce to G.Analytics and managed to measure everything. We were glad that Data Studio was released and we used it to help simplify the reporting. By Reporting to the client monthly and deploying new ideas as campaigns we have created a success story. We had assistant from Google Agents and we used every single trick in the book. The funny thing with this account is that every idea has a Campaign and all those campaigns brought revenue!  Merchant Center was a major help to run Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns. We are looking forward for Shopping Campaigns when they will be available in Greece.