Case Study

Mobile Innovation

Discovereviaisland is an app for Evia’s Island in Greece. When you want to relax and with the help of an app to discover Evia’s Island. The Goal was 10.000 installs and we managed it well before the Summer. In 5 months starting from Oct 2017 to Feb. 2018. It was a pleasure for us to Use Universal App Campaigns and to use the algorithms developed by Google to do all the job for us. It was easy as a walk in the park. This year our customer managed to close deals with sponsors and monetize his investment.


Innovation in Mobile Advertising?

Universal App Campaigns was a gift to us. The set up was 5 minutes and from the start we couldn’t believe our eyes. Through monitoring and adjustments we managed to reach a Cost per Conversion of 0.11€


Technology in Mobile Advertising?

With the new interface of Google Ads and with the help of innovative Campaigns like the Universall App Campaign we managed to explore the Mobile web space. With the help of an App web site and via Remarketing Campaigns in and out Greece we managed to bring even more brand awareness with a cost of only 50€ throughout the 5 months campaign.