Case Study 4 epoxes

Search Ιnnovation

We love conversions, especially when they are Hotel Bookings Requests. In the case of 4-epoxes a 4 Season Hotel and Spa in Loutraki Aridaias Greece we were delighted to see a Hotel thrive via Google Ads. From the beginning till now 47.42% of the total traffic is coming through Google Ads and the 50% of the Booking Requests! Organic played its role but Search Ads with location and the brand name in mind brought a major shift in growth. The customer calls us Golden Boys of Google and we just love him.

















Ιnnovation in Search Advertising?

We knew the competition and we studied their strategy. We deployed a combination of Search Campaigns followed by Display Remarketing and the good results just kept coming. The budget was steady from the beginning but limited. We managed to increase Conversions and the Hotel manager was finally convinced. We bet on the location the brand name and RLSA and worked. Remarketing was there to finalize our efforts. We are happy that a Greek Hotel from Aridaia had such a success working with us and inversing in Google Ads.


Technology in Search Advertising?


Measuring is everything in Google Ads. A good communication with the Web Master and the Hotel Management brought us all the information in hand to evaluate it. Google Adwords, Data Studio and a well-structured Booking system from the Clients side kept informed all the members of the team and helped us to take the right decisions. Google Ads proved in this account a major pillar of the success of a Greek Tourism Campaign. Following are the Top Conversion Paths. We can see Paid Search all over the place.