4 reasons to hire a ppc agency

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Παρακάτω είναι ένα πολύ χρήσιμο άρθρο σχετικό με το γιατί να προσλάβετε έναν ppc professional :

Here are 4 reasons  hiring a dedicated PPC agency.

You can only be awesome at a limited number of things.

You can only be an expert at so many things, and your expertise is your business (not PPC). Please hear me, as a successful entrepreneur you are already awesome. You don’t need to show us your awesomeness in PPC because you’ve already beaten the odds in your own industry. You rock at selling widgets, house cleaning, or whatever it is you do.

It’s not a problem to realize that you don’t have the time or expertise to rock at everything. I could never do your job and know all that you do. In that same way, understand the intricacies that go into PPC and have respect for for that time and effort, just like in your industry.

I recently told a prospect something like this during a meeting. “If you asked me to go down into your factory and put together this widget you make, I could probably slop together something, but could never do it as well as you guys make it. That doesn’t mean I’m stupid, it’s just not my area of expertise.”

The subtleties make all the difference in the world.

PPC (like any specialty field) consists of subtle, easy-to-miss aspects that can often be the difference between loss and gain in an account. Any PPC agency you talk to likely has many examples of this in new account audits.

Perhaps your campaign geo-targeting was not set correctly so your US campaigns are accruing cost from visits all over the world.

Perhaps it’s a faulty keyword match type strategy that has your ads showing to completely unrelated keywords from your target audience.

Perhaps it’s a failure to understand the intricate policies of Google Shopping that has your feed disapproved with little explanation.

Perhaps it’s the overuse of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your ads so they appear that they are showing like so:

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